about Jane & Louisbelle creative

I am Jane Huang, proprietor of LouisBelle Creative. After a lengthy career in the fashion industry as a women's wear designer, I switched to freelance fashion consultant, which gave me more time to devote to endeavors such as painting, photography and traveling, as well as equestrian and canine sports, things I loved and missed due to lack of time while working full time. It was during this time that I was able to keep up and further my skills on various graphic software and web language and codes.

In addition to web and graphic design, I also provide photography service. Photography has been a life-long passion of mine; my favorite subjects to photograph are horses and dogs, both as pets as well as in sports.

design philosophy

Whether it's a business website, a personal blog, business brochures and cards, decorating a room, or what you should wear to a dinner party, my philosophy is the same - a sense of identity, know your customer or target audience, make it clean, simple, classic, and to the point.



Although LouisBelle Creative is essentially a one-woman show, I do have a network of fellow designers, artists, and programmers, who in addition to idea exchanging, also work with me on projects when necessary.

Please see the Services page for detailed services we offer.